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Online Academy

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Online Excel courses
From beginner to professional. Learn from anywhere, at any time...
Whether you want to create diagrams, lists and formulas, or perform calculations and analyses – with Excel, you can complete all these tasks efficiently and successfully. Discover the benefits of this spreadsheet software as an essential tool for invoices, address lists, budgets, calculations, account management and other data collections.
The online course combines video lessons with practical and theoretical exercises that are completed directly in the virtual application.
  • The course offers the following advantages
    The course can be started at any time and you determine your own pace. Thanks to a combination of video lessons and exercises in the virtual Office application, you can practise and use the knowledge you have gained immediately. The digital reference materials provide an additional teaching aid so that you can learn about the topics in more detail. You can view your learning outcomes in detail, giving you control of your progress and making it easy to determine your learning process.
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  • Personal coaching by e-mail
  • Online group lesson
  • Online private lesson
  • Online test