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Online Academy

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Article in German:
15. Februar 2017
Interview mit Oliver Durrer, dem Leiter der Online Academy im Rahmen der Swiss E-Learning Conference

"Die Kundenbedürfnisse in puncto Weiterbildung haben sich im Zuge der Digitalisierung stark gewandelt."

Hier gehts zum kompletten Interview

"Prix Alice" 2016 finalist

The Online Academy is a finalist in the "Digital Learning" category of the 2016 "Prix Alice" - the national continuing education award for digital learning and media expertise.
Of the 120 projects submitted, 19 were nominated in both categories.

Zürich, August 2, 2016

Learning online with the Migros Club School´s Online Academy
The Migros Club School´s Online Academy enables flexible learning. The courses use a blended learning approach, combining the best features of face-to-face and e-learning methods.

Client needs have changed in line with personalization and digitization trends. The Migros Club School has responded to this by providing modular, online language courses. The courses have been available since March 2016. The Online Academy will continue to enhance its course program to meet client needs.

Clients can learn any time, anywhere

«Personalized learning allows clients to achieve their goals", explains Oliver Durrer, Head of the Online Academy. "Our teaching methods provide suitable solutions and maximum flexibility for all types of learner.»

New learning methods

Teaching methods include e-learning and personalized coaching as well as private and classroom-based delivery. Course participants can work through the e-learning materials independently. Students can also consolidate their learning through individual or group tuition, either online or in the classroom.